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Vacature Researcher Computational SEM Metrology (PhD)


Functieomschrijving Researcher Computational SEM Metrology (PhD)

Our research department is responsible for the generation of long term value by identifying breakthroughs that fit the roadmap of semiconductor lithography and the lithography related markets. We deliver proof of concepts that can be implemented in future products after which these technologies are transferred to the Development and Engineering department of ASML. Our research department is divided into 4 domains, related to (1) mechatronics and control technologies, (2) sensors, metrology and modelling, (3) general physics and chemistry, (4) flow and material processing.
ASML is building a strong position in the field of metrology for the semiconductor market. Apart from optical scatterometry with the YieldStar metrology tool, currently ASML’s interests are further extending into SEM metrology. In ASML’s Research department, new concepts and applications are being invented and designed for future markets of SEM-metrology in various fields of semiconductor manufacturing, always with a clear connection to ASML’s lithographic scanner products.

Job Mission
Execute high-level research in the field of SEM with application to metrology requirements for future electronic devices in the semiconductor industry.

Job Description
The research for this position comprises simulations of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) performance for a range of current and new hardware configurations on various future devices that are relevant for the semiconductor industry.
The simulations will be performed with existing SEM-simulation packages, among which a simulation package that is still partially under development in the academic world. The work includes:

  • Investigate relevant material models for various devices.
  • Build up geometrical 2D and 3D device structures.
  • Perform simulations of SEM on the device structures in various operational modes and instrument settings to assess SEM performance capabilities.
  • Analyze and report the outcome of the findings.
  • Continuously develop more advanced physical models in the software code for further refinement of the SEM performance simulations.

The work will be done within a Research team with guidance and help from a senior SEM expert.


PhD in physics with computational-physics background and with proven track record for computational modeling of complex physical systems. A background in SEM is a clear advantage.

We are look for enthousiastic researcher with the following expertise:

  • Experience and affinity with setting up, running and analyzing scientific simulations.
  • Experience with understanding, adapting, and optimizing software code.
  • Some understanding of physical principles of materials and structures at the nanometer scale.
  • Preferably a high level of understanding of scanning electron microscopy and electron-matter interaction.

Personal skills
We are looking for a person with the following skill-set:

  • Team-player
  • Commitment to team and company
  • High personal ambition and drive
  • Drive to deliver excellent performance
  • Self-propelling
  • Communication skills for communication at various levels in the organization
  • Solution-oriented mind-set
  • Willingness to learn the Dutch language



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