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Vacature Design engineer automotive Axes


Functieomschrijving Design engineer automotive Axes

The group Driveline within the Chassis department has the technical responsibility for Axes and Transmission.
For the Axes area this concerns the development and production of front axles, rear axles, drive axles and brakes.
The self-developed front and rear axles are built in the Axes site. In addition, we also make use of the supply of complete axle suppliers, and parts such as brakes and drive axles.
The group's activities cover the entire product development process from the first idea to the guidance of industrialization.

We are looking for a main constructor who is engaged in the development of a number of new front axles and / or axles for future projects.
As a principal constructor, you are part of a team that is responsible for the entire development process from the creation of a first concept, through the development of the development plan and engineering to the final release and industrialization.

There are many specific knowledge in the axes. In addition to construction work, it is also well-considered and analyzed for gears and axles. Strength, rigidity and fatigue aspects in combination with the materials and their surface treatment are an important factor.
Also, a detailed risk analysis carried out by you, which will ultimately test the new designed parts, is part of this work package.
The main constructor is the connecting factor in this process, for the detailed analysis work, the assistance can be obtained from specialists.

The starting point for all your activities is the "Design For 6-sigma" method, which aims to introduce a product that can be produced in a large number of flawlessly.
The product development process is conducted on the basis of simultaneous engineering, characterized by early involvement of all relevant parties.
Important partners include: The Production Engineers of the axes site, the specialists of the Central Laboratory and Components Testing, the and experts from suppliers and external institutes.
It is therefore a very versatile function with many contacts outside of its own group.
In the long term, development to specialist is within the potential.


For this function, an education at Bachelor level is required.
Fame with gear constructions is a pré.
The same applies to materials and heat treatment processes.
You have a good look at concepts, constructions and detailing of gears, bearings and housings. Experience with CAD Unigraphics and possibly with FEM analyzes is expected.
Communication in German and English, both verbally and in writing, should not be a problem.



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