Ahmed Matar and Magdy Shonoda : Software Engineers at Mapscape

Ahmed en Magdy3

Last September Ahmed Matar started his international career in The Netherlands. He found a job at Mapscape in Eindhoven via Xelvin. He’s originally from Egypt (Caïro) and worked for several years as a Software Engineer at an Egyptian company. Less than a year later, he welcomed his former colleague Magdy Shonoda who joined Mapscape via Xelvin, so they became colleagues again. Curious to their story? Continue reading, Ahmed and Magdy will tell you more about their experiences so far.

Why did you consider an international career?

Magdy: I wanted to find new challenges abroad and working in an international environment is very valuable. The opportunities abroad are much better than in my country Egypt. That was the main reason to find new challenges abroad and I wanted to add new experiences to my career.

Ahmed: In Egypt the companies are a bit smaller than in The Netherlands. Here you can work in real big companies with many teams, you get the chance to experience the whole process.

How did you get in contact with Xelvin?

Magdy: In 2014 we came together for a week to the Netherlands, just to visit the country. Within a few days I thought why not try to find a job. I’ve searched online and found Xelvin and came in contact. After a few months when I was back in Egypt, Xelvin contacted me. At that time I already had a contract in England so I recommended Ahmed for the job.

After a while Ahmed gave me a very good feedback about the Netherlands, Xelvin and Mapscape. He told me to consider whether to move to The Netherlands and helped me to make the final decision.

How did you experience the support of Xelvin?

Ahmed: I have a couple of friends who moved to the Netherlands. In comparing with them my process was a lot easier with the help of Xelvin! When you move to a new country you don’t know a lot about the country. Xelvin helped me a lot with integrating, like moving and procedures like health insurance and opening a bank account.

Magdy: At the same time I was having trouble with my papers and visa for England, so the difference was huge. It was a relief that everything is good organized and easy to arrange when I came to the Netherlands.

How do you experience working and living in the Netherlands?

Magdy: Except for the weather, I’m missing the sun, I enjoy my time here so far. I don’t have a lot of complains, everything is going smoothly. Moving in here and settling wasn’t a hassle,  in contrary the people are very supportive. This is my fifth week, but I have already learned a lot. The country is beautiful and the people are very friendly. It is very good so far!

Magdy: Living in The Netherlands is way easier if you compare it with living in Egypt. I don’t speak Dutch yet, though communication isn’t difficult, because most people speak English very well. This makes settling in much easier. The city Eindhoven is a dynamic city and everything is nearby, in five minutes you can be wherever you want. I just take my bike and in ten minutes I’m at the place where I want to be instead of driving two hours by car in Egypt.

How is to work at Mapscape?

Ahmed: I knew before I applied that I had some issues I had to work on. Now I’m very satisfied with my improvement and progress in Mapscape.

Magdy: We’re both still Software Engineers at Mapscape in the same team. It brings back old memories. I already know how Ahmed is thinking, I can give him a short answer which satisfies him. The old magic from the previous team moved to Eindhoven.

Do you have some advice for potentials newcomers, why to apply via Xelvin?

Xelvin will help you a lot. You don’t have to hassle about procedures. You can focus on your job, this is a big advantage! Xelvin has experience with international candidates. You don’t have to think about registration and other procedures. Everything is arranged and organized. You get an opportunity to apply at the biggest companies in The Netherlands and the procedure is very fast! So if you think about starting an international career, it is very wise to move now, to take action and to start changing your life!


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