Cleaning & Packaging

  • SON
  • MBO
  • €2.500 tot €3.250


What does the position look like?
At the Cleaning & Packaing department you're making sure products and modules will be cleaned and packed in accrodance with instructions. The work takes place within cleaning, packing, control and administration.

  • Retrieving and transferring the products to a pallet or clean cart according to established work and process instructions
  • Checking the production order for cleanliness/contamination
  • Cleaning and making the products dust-free using a vacuum cleaner, nitrogen, aclgol and a cloth according to instructions
  • Removal of packaging from supplier-supplied cleanroom products
  • Move the products and production order to the next routing step
  • Report non-removable contamination that falls outside the established quality standards to Quality Engineer

  • Packaging of various products such as PCB's modules and cabinets (platic packaging) accroding to packaging/work instructions.
  • Set pre-programmed parameters of the oven and sealers
  • Scanning, printing and labelling products
  • Packaging products by menas of a dynamometer, hoist and/or stacker in accordance with packing instructions
  • Moving ready products form the cleanroom for the next routing step
  • Report non-removable contamination that falls outsite the estabelished quality standards to Quality Engineer.

  • Checking products and assembled products according to established standards with including a UV lamp
  • Signaling irremovable stains or in case of doubt to Quality and/or Teamleader.
  • Check for the presence of packaging materials and packaging instructions

  • Scanning the order and time registration in an automated system
  • Ordening packaging materials through an automated system
  • Registering productrelevant information in DMS

We offer you:
We offer you a challenging, dynamic and healthy production environment. You will have the opportunity to make an important contribution to the development and profitability of Neways. We offer you a position within a highly motivated and collegial working environment.


You like to work well prepared. You can work easily according to instructions and you're open for working in shifts. By nature you have a critical eye and you are quality driven. You also enjoy being involved in the entire process within your position.

We also ask:
  • Good communcation skills in English
  • Fullt time availability
  • A specific experience isn't required


€2.500 - €3.250 bruto per maand


Neways Electronics International is active in the Electronics services market. As a global, decentralized company, we have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and the United States and more than 2.700 FTE. Our customers are mainly active in the market segment: industrial, automotive, medical, defense and semiconductor. As an employer, we stand for: proactiveness, customer focus, teamwork, accessibilty, improvement, fullfilling ambitions together and being a social employer, within an internaitonal environment.

You will start working at our operating company Neways Advanced Applications:
  • Specalisation: full product lifecycle management for electronic modules and systems;
  • Number of employee: 400 FTE;
  • Located at Science Park Eindhoven 5004, 5692 EA in Son



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