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Geplaatst op 10 January 2020
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What are you going to do as a Test & Repair Analyst?

As a Test & Repair Analyst you are responsible from the Module Assembly department for testing products that come back from the customer. You know better than anyone else how you should assess the technical product documentation (TPD) and compare it with the actually recovered products. You will consult with the account and product engineers about the approach and technical feasibility of a repair. You identify material requirements and routing and from this role you are in close contact with the planners and shop floor controllers. You find it a challenge to test which parts need to be replaced and record these adjustments in reports that go later to the customers. Once the shortcomings have been mapped, you transfer the order to production and serve as a contact point for questions or problems. You are also challenged to contribute ideas about improvements and ideas. In this function you report directly to one of the two team leaders of the Module Assembly department.


Your work includes:

  • the independent assembly of a rack and / or cabinet;
  • the testing and adjustment of assembled products;
  • finding a fault with assembled systems;
  • detecting errors after the test and repairing if necessary and possible;
  • replacement of parts and repair of defective connections;
  • testing and analyzing products on location at the customer;
  • testing end products and, if necessary, the authority to reject these end products.


TS/MAN Xelvin is a technical specialist in the mediation of well qualified, hands on technician with a secondary degree or Bachelor in the fields of Electronics, Mechatronics, Installation Technics, Process Technics or Mechanical.

We make the right match between our candidates and employers with our expertise in these fields and because we invest a lot into the personal relationship between us, our clients and our candidates.

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